VPS Professional System

A powerful helper for natural odour elimination

Eliminate bad odours quick, efficient and effective. Companies and facilities require a fast and effective method for removing odour molecules. For a lasting elimination of bad smells that actually works for a wide range of applications, e.g. in hotel rooms, offices, dormitories or on various large surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, wall panels or plaster, the VPS Professional system is the alternative to commonly used ozone generators.

How does the VPS Professional system work?

The VPS Professional system was developed to provide a “dry” dispersion system for efficient and safe application of Skyvell liquids, a nontoxic, non-hazardous natural odour eliminator. Minute dry vapour particles eliminate malodours on fabrics and surfaces as well as in the air, penetrating deep into carpets and upholstery, draperies and bedding wallboard and other surfaces. The application is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Advantages of  the VPS Professional:

A wide range of applications:

Efficient in eliminating smoke, soot, mildew, chemicals, waste water, fuel oil, food (including curry), vomit, faeces and urin as well as the smell of decay.


Easily moves between hotel rooms, rental properties or around a restoration job site. Equipped with swiveling casters. Big wheels ensure easy movement on bumpy floors and hand holders allow lifting into cars.
 The weight is approx. 19. Kg.

Easy to Use & Operate:

TouchScreen monitor and application-programs allow easy and intuitive handling. Remove the fill tube cap and fill the tank with Skyvell liquid, plug in and turn on.


The VPS Professional System and Skyvell liquid are safer to use than an Ozone Generator and faster than a Hydroxyl Generator. There is no need to evacuate the area being treated while the VPS Professional is in use.

Conventional ozone generators that are being used in many hotels, nowadays, can’t compete with this due to time constraints and health reasons. As a basic principle, it is wise not to remove malodours with an ozone-generating air purifier as scientific findings showed that ozone forms a compound with nicotine and other components of cigarette smoke, producing fine aerosol particles that can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. Ozone is an irritant gas and should, for the reasons stated above, not be used as an odor eliminator.

  • Useful Telescope-handle bar for easy movement
  • TouchScreen 7” Monitor
  • Wheels for easy transportation on bumpy floors and over stairs
  • Flexible hose for targeted application in small chambers


Air flow rate: max.450m³/h
Dimensions housing: 624x280x378.6 mm
Weight: approx 19 Kg.
Tank (Max.): 2.5 l
Output: variable adjustable
Power required: 230 VAC/1 P/50 Hz
Powerline: 2,5 m
Flexible hose: 3 m
Consumption: 20-200 ml/h

More about the VPS Professional System

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