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Skyvell – the business

Innovative – sustainable – flexible

The business

The Skyvell brand belongs to the APPLIED CHEMICALS International Group.
The family business has its focus on innovative products and long-term relationships and strives to apply its existing independence and flexibility to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products with a high level of benefits for the customer.

The mission

ACAT’s mission is, in partnership with our customers and distributors, to help increase productivity, lower the costs and minimise risks by offering you the best, most innovative and most sustainable solution.

The vision

Skyvell’s vision is to create well-being through the power of nature.
⁃ TEAM: Offering a workplace where people are inspired and proud of themselves and of their accomplishments
⁃ PARTNERS: Operating a successful network from the customers to the distributors to create long-term and permanent values
⁃ PRODUCTIVITY: Be a highly effective, streamlined and flexible organisation
⁃ SUSTAINABILITY: Be a sustainable organisation that creates lasting values
⁃ ENVIRONMENT: Be a responsible organisation that provides help with setting up and promoting a sustainable living environment


Our values and general principles in order to achieve our ambition.

A focus on market requirements:

We want our actions to be customer oriented, innovative and independent.
In the owner’s interest we want to act flexible, open-minded, responsible and respectful.
We strive to be human and show consideration for individual needs.

Partnership and long-term nature

The corporate group was founded in 1947 and is now in its 3rd generation.
Starting out in the pulp and paper industry, the group developed itself in the chemicals field / the use of chemicals for environmental optimisation of paper products and municipal wastewater treatment. These activities started the requirements regarding odour neutralisation.

For several decades now, the business deals with the subject of odour: PREVENTION – MEASURMENT – NEUTRALISATION. The findings gained from the industrial sector are the foundation for the Skyvell products and our future.


Made in Austria

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Skyvell AG

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