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A completely natural odour eliminator

Skyvell is a highly effective, biodegradable odour neutraliser based on essential plant oils (lime, pine, cedar, anise, cloves) and pure mountain water from Austria.

A natural solution for any type of unpleasant odours:

- Spray: the instant solution for surfaces and the air
- Gel: for continuous odour control
- Multi Use: as a washing additive against persistent smells in all kinds of textiles

Removing odours instead of masking them

Skyvell eliminates malodours on a molecular level without masking them.
The bad smell is gone and will not return.

As fresh as a walk in the forest

Many people associate Skyvell with a relaxing walk in the forest.
It clears the mind, calms the pulse, refreshes and rejuvenates.
Skyvell brings your personal little forest to you, wherever you need it.

Skyvell is safe

Skyvel is safe and non-toxic for all forms of life, be it on the land, in the water or in the air. The Skyvell products have undergone numerous tests and it was confirmed that they are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. Skyvell was developed by a world market leader in odour elimination.

The areas of application are very diverse

Which facilities use Skyvell successfully?
- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Fitness centres
- Wellness centres
- Nursing homes
- Hospitals
- Rental cars
- Public institutions such as Schools, kindergartens

Decade-long experience was adopted from the industry

Skyvell has been successfully used in the industry for over thirty years.


Made in Austria

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