Natural Air Purifier

Odour neutraliser with natural ingredients

Top marks for Skyvell Gel and Spray, Air Label Score A+ Professional seal of approval. A+ stands for very low emissions to indoor air. Read more here.

Why Skyvell?

Because Skyvell reliably removes odours without masking them. Because Skyvell is made from pure mountain water and natural ingredients. As a result, you'll smell nothing but the pleasant scent of fresh air that reminds of a walk in the forest.

The Skyvell video explains in about 2 minutes how the products work and all the advantages they offer. Take some time, sit back and see for yourself what Skyvell can do for you.

Skyvell das Video
1. Natural ingredients
Skyvell Inhaltsstoffe
2. Molecular cleaning
Skyvell Moleküle
3. A subtle, fresh scent
Skyvell Wald
Skyvell is a highly effective, biodegradable odour eliminator based on pure essential plant oils and pure mountain water from Austria. The Skyvell products are completely harmless for people, animals and the environment.
Skyvell offers a fresh solution for any type of bad smells.
Use the Skyvell Spray for the targeted elimination of malodours without leaving any residue. Apply the Gel to remove odours permanently and utilise Skyvell Multi Use as a washing additive against persistent odours that can occur in all kinds of textiles.
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