Skyvell Gel

Odour neutraliser with natural ingredients


Skyvell Gel

Removing persistent odours

When dealing with persistent malodours (e.g. in toilets, patient rooms, changing rooms, hotel rooms, etc.), we recommend Skyvell Gel. As soon as the gel reacts with the air, it begins to evaporate. By releasing the formula into the air, Skyvell automatically removes all unpleasant smells. With a normal air supply level, the gel will last about 30 days (250 grams of gel is suitable for rooms with 15-20 square metres, min. 6m²). During that time the gel continually degrades and the container can then be filled via the 10 kg refill canister, which also saves you money.

The solution when dealing with incontinence!

The acrid smell tends to spread rapidly throughout the room and can affect the occupants' well-being. Let's restore their dignity so that family members, friends, and especially small grandchildren can once again enjoy visiting their grandparents without having to wrinkle their noses. Sick people and the elderly also have a right to a better quality of life.

Gel Wall Mount Unit

With the beneficial and easy to use wall mount unit, the 250 grams gel container can be mounted to any wall (double-sided adhesive tape or a wall plug) without a fuss. Due to its discreet look, it harmonises with virtually any ambience.
The bottom of the wall bracket has a large opening which always shows the current usage level of the gel. It's really simple: After about thirty days, the Skyvell Gel has completely dissolved and it is therefore time to purchase a new container or use the 10 kg refill pack. No need for an annoying battery change or struggling with a broken sprayer as those never work properly, anyway.

– 250g
- 500g
- 250g refill pack
– 10kg refill canister
- Gel Wall Mount Unit
Multi Use
Skyvell MultiUse
Skyvell Spray

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