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A feeling of freshness for your well-being!

A bad smelling hotel room, lounge or restaurant causes dissatisfaction! This is followed by negative reviews posted on various Internet platforms and the number of guests decreases. Even though the room is thoroughly cleaned, the odour reappears a short time later. Skyvell quickly and effectively eliminates odours pH neutral on a molecular level so they are gone for good, and it leaves a pleasant and subtle scent. Your guests will feel comfortable and will gladly return.

The issue:

Although most hotels only offer non-smoking rooms, musty smells caused by smoke as well as leftover food, bother guests more often than one might think. The hotel rooms require time-consuming cleaning and can't be booked again right away, which means a loss of revenue for the hotel.

We have the solution:

Skyvell does a great job in the little time between housekeeping and the arrival of the next guest. Skyvell instantly and effectively eliminates bad odours, ensuring that your guests feel comfortable, would like to extend their stay and will return.

VPS Mini System, an alternative to the ozone machine.

The VPS mini (Vapour Phase System) provides an even more efficient solution. It has been developed for applying the natural odour eliminator Skyvell. VPS is a dry dispersal system that distributes tiny dry steam particles throughout the room. The dry steam deeply penetrates different materials and fights all kinds of malodours, on all surfaces, in the air and/or on clothing/textiles. Using Skyvell is safe, non-hazadours and can be applied while people and animals are present.

Advantages of VPS Mini:

A wide range of applications:
Efficient with odours such as smoke, soot particles, mould / mildew, chemicals, wastewater heating oil, food (e.g. curry), vomit, faeces and urine as well as the odour of decay.


Easy to move via the castor wheels, e.g. between hotel rooms.


Remove the lid of the filler opening and fill up the container, put the lid back on and switch on the device. It is ready to use.

Fast, safe and affordable:

The VPS mini system and Skyvell are safer than using an ozone generator and faster than the hydroxyl generator. Living beings don't need to leave the area that needs to be treated while VPS mini is in use.

Conventional ozone generators that are being used in many hotels, nowadays, can't compete with this due to time constraints and health reasons. As a basic principle, it is wise not to remove malodours with an ozone-generating air purifier as scientific findings showed that ozone forms a compound with nicotine and other components of cigarette smoke, producing fine aerosol particles that can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. Ozone is an irritant gas and should, for the reasons stated above, not be used as an odour eliminator.

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